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T B Fire Risk Management Ltd (TBFRM) is here to assure and safely guide its Residential and Commercial clients through the changes in current legislation. Our highly qualified and experienced team is here to keep you safe and compliant.

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Fire Risk Management is how you protect persons from fire. To demonstrate full compliance with Legislation, it’s typically documented in a fire safety management plan. It sets out the arrangements to prevent fire occurring, how to control, monitor and review fire safety standards and to ensure those standards are maintained.

This is how we establish the life (fire) safety risks in an occupied building you are responsible for. We do not take a prescriptive tick box approach; we use firefighting experience and knowledge, to assess the actual risks to life safety and provide pragmatic, proportionate steps, with reasonable time scales. 

We talk to responsible persons to ensure that the building as a whole is holistically managed to demonstrate full compliance with all relevant Legislation. We engage personally to establish the individual needs of each person/company and associated building(s). We work together to protect life safety in accordance with Legislation

Effective Fire Safety Management is underpinned by fire safety training for the risks identified at the building or organisation. Our services include a review of existing training (gap analysis) and recommends appropriate training modules. 

This original form was introduced before the issue of PAS 9980 2022 Guidance. When we have carried out an appropriate assessment of the external wall in accordance with the current guidance when requested we can provide an EWS1 (A or B) form. 

To comply with Legislation, we use PAS 9980 2022 Guidance to deliver FRAEW reports. Often to be relied upon (legally compliant), these complex, detailed (specialist) reports will often require invasive investigations, causing significant disruption. We will provide FRAEW reports (when necessary) to inform a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment which must first establish if one is required. 


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